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The original Portland railroad station, mentioned in many Kelland books and magazine stories. His last glimpse of  "the Golden Age", as he left Portland at the age of ten, to move to Detroit, "so he could have advantages".

For personal correspondence, please send an email to judd_michael@yahoo.com .  
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MaryAnn S. Reid said:   March 9, 2009 8:24 am PST
My first visit to Michael's site....but not my first CBK novel. I am so fortunate to be able to borrow all the novels from Mikey's private library!!!! I'm a sucker for a good storyread. I am in love with all of the characters. There is sure to be insanity involved with identifying so closely with ficticious characters. Best Wishes on the new books! masr

jim towey said:   February 23, 2009 6:34 pm PST
Great News-- The three Mark Tidd books never before in hardcover went to bindery today; Mark Tidd in Palestine Mark Tidd in Paris Mark Tidd Back Home Books should be available in 4-6 weeks or sooner. They are hardcover with front applique and full color DJ. List $35- do not order yet!!!, but to learn more about me visit: members.cox.net/kenholt or jim.towey-The Adventure Continues ebay store or Bonanzle store-- jim.towey

Roxanna Maxwell said:   February 12, 2009 9:15 pm PST
I finally remembered to talk to my mom about CBK. She said she really enjoyed his writing. She read his stories and serialized books in the Saturday Evening Post. As a busy mom, it was a treat to have these come every month with the next installment.

Roxanna Maxwell said:   February 12, 2009 8:50 pm PST
My CB Kelland story: My mother, who is now 98, was planning on naming me Diana if I turned out to be a girl. (I was the first girl born into our branch of the Maxwell family in approximately 100 years.) After reading Clarence Budington Kelland's book, Roxana, she decided to name me after the heroine. Roxana was "a real smart cookie" my mom says. She had hopes that it might rub off on me.

Bill Marshall said:   January 2, 2009 9:11 pm PST
Happened on your site by chance, never having heard of CBK. Went to Project Gutenberg and read his novel Scattergood Baines online and enjoyed it. Hope to get to Portland some day to check out the store. Thanks, Michael, for your efforts.

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  Email Comments:

"I'm a fond reader of the "Mark Tidd" and "Catty Atkins" series. We're planning a trip to Portland this week and will visit some of the Kelland sites. I hope the museum becomes a reality." Howie S. 10/10/2010

"CBK is on my favorites list because it was reading him as a kid that turned me in to a Reader (capital R)." Darrol, 12/1/08.

"It's true that Clarence Kelland is sadly overlooked as a writer; I am very fond of the Mark Tidd books as my father read them as a boy. "  Mike D. 2/17/09.

"Hi Michael.  I have read all of the Mark Tidd books (once as a kid and again in my second childhood) and I believe all the Scattergood books (I have three).  I have always enjoyed them.  " Asa K. 11/27/06.

"I was reading a book tonight--Techniques of the Selling Writer by Dwight V. Swain--that mentioned Clarence Budington Kelland's character Scattergood Baines. The Swain book, written in 1965, is a how-to on storytelling and writing popular fiction. Swain brings up Scattergood Baines to show that the main character in a novel need not be physcially attractive, though he doesn't say why Baines is not. ...So half an hour later I'm reading the first chapter of Scattergood Baines on the internet, courtesy of the Guttenberg Project. I like it! I'll probably finish it. So I start Googling CBK and end up with mention of your store.
Just another trip down the internet rabbithole, but a pleasant one. I won't waste your time further. Just wanted to tell my fascinating-to-me story and say hi. 
I live in Southern California. However, if I ever come anywhere near Portland, I will definitely be stopping in for some Kelland memorabilia." Bill M. 5/28/07,

"Kelland was a good writer.   Thinking about him makes me reflect on how transitory fame is.  I mean, the guy was one of the best-known writers in the country and today very few people have even heard of him, much less read him.  "  Chuck A. 7/1/07.

"I just found the Web site - how I managed not to know about CBK is beyond me, especially as I'm a huge fan of Frank Capra!"  Matt K. 1/21/08.

"Hi, I'm interested in Mark Tidd books and copies of the Mark Tidd's that were not published in book form (i.e. those published in American Boy magazine only)." Stephen R. 1/28/08.

"Thank you very much for stopping in. I really appreciate you clueing me in to such an overlooked major figure in our area." David V. 4/17/08.


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