Clarence Budington
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"I Wake up in the morning and punish my typerwriter until is screams, then stop"  CBK

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Kelland's stories in the American Boy magazine set an example of fine moral character that would soon serve as a standard for millions of young boys-turned men, as they sailed off to fight in the Great War. 


 The complete list of over 400 of Kelland's published magazine short stories, as presented on the Fiction Mags Index web page.

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When Everything is Going
Up in Smoke
“I can tell you about a sawmill man
with whom I sat with one night while every dollar he owned
was going up in smoke before his eyes.
He was very quiet.
I tried to be sympathetic.”
“I’m imagining how the new mill will look,” he said.
Clarence Budington Kelland, from the American Magazine


Many Saturday Evening Post magazines in the 1930's through the 1960's contained a segment of a Kelland serial. SEP even printed a two part serial years afer Kelland's death!
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