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Kelland Quotes
My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.
The duty of a toastmaster is to be so dull that the succeeding speakers will appear brilliant by contrast.
I get up in the morning, torture a typewriter until it screams, then stop.
I believe I have discovered the one great, moving, compelling force which makes every man what he becomes in the end. This, I believe, is the greatest force in the universe. I believe all other causes are secondary to it. It is so powerful that the slightest human effort cannot be put forth until it has done its work; and if it should suddenly be annihilated from the world, all activity would come to a standstill, and humanity would become a mass of automatons moving about in meaningless circles. This force is not love; it is not religion; it is not virtue; it is not ambition -- for none of these could exist an hour without is imagination. (Quoted in Imagination: Mind's Dominant Power, GD Leeming, 1926)

CBK and Golf: 
Many years ago my father J. Raymond Lenahan passed away and while going threw his belongings I found a golf scorecard from a round that was played at Pepper Pike G.C. in Ohio. It is dated Sept. 10, 1935. The foursome contained the following players; Ray Lenahan, Bud Kelland, Francis Ouimet, and Bob Jones. I beleive they played prior to the US Open which was being held in the area. My dad and Ouimet were long time friends from New England golf. It made for one fantastic afternoon I'm sure. Your's truly John Lenahan


 Many years ago my father J. Raymond Lenahan passed away and while going threw his belongings I found a golf scorecard from a round that was played at Pepper Pike G.C. in


Millinery Opening Friday and Saturday of this week, Oct.13 and 14. I cordially invite all. Mrs. Thos. Kelland
(Review & Observer Newspaper, Wed. Oct. 11, 1882)


The Kelland Memorial (above) located near Kelland's birthplace..


1. Clarenc's parent's 60th wedding anniversary article.

2. In 2006 the Kelland Store hosted an open house in honor of CBK's 125th birthday. The cake was modeled after Kelland's novel, The Steadfast Heart. The story is set in a small town called Rainbow, closely resembling Portland. Later in 2006 Gov. Grandholm visited the store while celebrating the opening of the new downtown boardwalk which overlooks the Grand River. She was presented with a Kelland mug and a tour of the store. 

3. The 'thinly painted' house where Kelland was born, located on E. Bridge St., near the memorial. From the Kelland memorial dedication brochure.

4. Young Kelland in a Portland school play (front row, second from the right).

5. Photo Donation: A framed 11x14 photograph of Portland native Clarence Budington Kellan was recently donated to the Portland District Library by Mike Judd, local Kelland historian. This historical photograph of Kellend was taken to promote the first installment of his popular Western series “Arizona”, in the February 25, 1939 edition of the Saturday Evening Post magazine. Librarian Jan Mosser accepted the gift. Photo by Kristina Reynolds, Youth Librarian.

6. Plaque commerating the site of Maggie Kelland's millinary store.

7. Kelland Family Burial Plot

8. Kelland Grave Marker

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