Clarence Budington Kelland 
"It has been figured that Americans have spent the equivilent of  more that 50,000 years in the enjoyment of Kelland fiction - in print, on the screen, and on the radio" .  From 50,000 Years of Kelland by Oren Arnold, Reader's Digest,   Nov. 1944

(Note: CBK would continue to write for another 20 years AFTER this estmate!)

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Kelland Information

The Kelland Biography on Wikipedia has recently been revised by Dan Harper, author of the blog Yet Another Unitarian Universalist.  His 10/12/2012CBK post "The Author of Mark Tidd" includes several interesting anacdotes. (Unless noted otherwise, this entire site is protected by copyright. Copyright © 1999-2011 ).  

Burial information:

Kelland Grave site. Note the 1882 date on head stone!

Memorial Cemetery of Saint John's Church
Laurel Hollow, Nassau County, New York, USA
Maintained by: Find A Grave 

Clarence's English Roots
I recently received the following email from an English relative of Clarence's:

My name is Anne Halliwell and I live in England.  I am a distant relative of Clarence B Kelland.  His father and my great grandmother were brother and sister.


Having started to research my family tree I was delighted to find that I am related to the famous American author C.B.Kelland.  Although initially I was unaware of C.B.K's works I have now read several of his books and seen the films Arizona and Mr. Deeds goes to Town.  I found them to be most enjoyable and well written.  Living in England, I feel they portray life as I imagined it to be in America in their relevant periods of time.  Through my research into my Kelland family I have traced and met several descendants of the original emigrants to America,  all of whom have been charming and helpful.  I am now in the early stages of trying to record all the information and photographs that I have collected on a web page for them all to see.  Anyone else who is interested is welcome to read my story, but please remember it is in its early stages.  I don't need to point out that C. B.'s talent as an author did not get handed down to me.


Regards Anne.


The Kelland Family in the USA

 New York Toastmaster
 Kelland was president of the famous New York City Dutch Treat Club from  1929 - 1941.  "A picked body of active agents in the production and dissemination of literature, art, music and drama in New York."
During a large dinner party one evening, Clarence Kelland, serving as toastmaster, rose to speak at the end of the meal:
"Gentlemen," he began, "the obvious duty of a toastmaster is to be so infernally dull that the succeeding speakers will appear brilliant by contrast..." An appreciative chuckle arose from the speakers' table. "However," Kelland continued, brandishing a list of speakers, "I've looked over the list and I don't believe I can do it!"

Information from Kelland's past:
- Portland, Mi

- Detroit, MI

- Wilmington, Vermont

- Port Washington, New York

- Arizona

Laurel Hollow, Nassau County, New York

Please contact this site if you have Kelland information that you would like included in the Complete Kelland Biography, which is a work in progress. You can leave comment in the Guest Book link.

The Kelland Family Album
*Photographs courtesy of Anne Halliwell and the Kelland Family

On Keeping Perspective

There is something about the possession of wealth which is not good for the soul, perhaps. It places artificial value upon secondary things. A man losing a million metal tokens will put a revolver to his temple and pull the trigger. But he has lost nothing but money. He has
deprived himself of life because misfortune has deprived him of luxuries.
--Clarence Budington Kelland, The American Magazine April 1930 

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